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Kerr Cottages History

The original Kerr Cottage belonged to our great-grandmother, Henrietta, who built a charming cottage down the road from the White House in 1909. Henrietta came to Glenn in 1904 to play the organ at the camp next door to her cottage, which was owned by the Girl's Friendly Society. They sponsored young girls from Chicago to come to the lakeshore for 2 weeks in the summer. Dubbed 'The Holiday House', the camp celebrated all the major holidays during the girl’s short stay!

Henrietta was the iconoclastic matriarch of the Kerr clan until her death at the ripe old age of 97. Ownership of the cottage went to my mother, who made few improvements. Although she agreed to get running water, Mom insisted we not bring it into the house, and to this day, we use an 'outside in-house' for the 'biffy'. We still bring in water in buckets and wash the dishes at the dry sink. The Kerr family is now in its 6th generation of die-hard swimmers and beach-lovers.

In the late 60’s, the Winnick Cottages, a small enclave of summer homes which had been established in the 1920’s, came up for sale. Just a short walk from Henrietta’s cottage, they made a nice investment for the family, and a place for summer overflow of family guests.  Late in the 1990’s, my folks sold this property to me, and I’ve been busy sprucing up these adorable vintage homes, making them available to you for a memorable family vacation, away from it all.